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Caring for Yourself ~ Caring for Others: 
The Ultimate Balance

Most of us relegate self-care
to a distant second place.
Have you?

Then this is a book for you!  It’s about the balancing act between meeting your own needs as well as the needs of others that we all experience in everyday life.  And it’s brimming with strategies that are mirrors for personal reflection and springboards for change that will help you create personal resiliency and a balanced life!         
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Dr. Diann B. Uustal is the founder and president of an educational consulting firm, Educational Resources in HealthCare, Inc.  She is a nationally and internationally known educator, consultant and author, widely known for her discernment and thought-provoking and inspiring presentation style.

Diann can custom design and facilitate seminars and keynotes for nurses, physicians, social workers, pastoral & other caregivers in a wide variety of subjects in health care ethics; wellness, stress reduction, compassion fatigue, and caring for the caregiver; and various topics in enhancing nursing leadership, management, and collegiality.

As a clinical ethicist, Dr. Uustal is experienced in consulting with ethics
committees, conferring in clinical ethical cases, reviewing and writing policies, and helping establish new ethics committees.